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Data SIM


You can choose to have the connection with or without internet access:

Data SIM with Internet:

It allows the transfer of data between different parts of the business. Subscribers can also download, upload, and browse the internet from anywhere and anytime.

Data SIM for Data Transfer Only (without internet access)

It can be used for ATMs (Automated Teller Machines), client/server applications or any other applications that need data to be transferred between the central location and branches through a secure network.

Service Features:

You can add an APN service to the data SIM, which provide a secure connection between all the data SIM with the same APN.

Service Benefits:
  • “Always on” connection
  • Saves Costs
  • Secure network (VPN connection)


Data SIM with Internet Connection

  • SIM card: Free
  • Monthly subscription fee: SYP 200
  • GPRS usage: Normal charging rate SYP 0.90 /30 KB
  • When connection is over 3G, charging will be based on the selected package

Data SIM without Internet Connection

Number of SIMsPrice
1 - 250SYP 150
250 - 1000SYP 100
Over 1000SYP 50

To subscribe to this service or have it activated/deactivated please contact the “Corporate Support Team” through 111, or for any inquiries write us to and our team will get back to you

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