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Data SIM


Place is not an issue any more with Syriatel’s data transfer solution.

You can transfer your business’ data through a secure wireless connection from location to location and even reach remote areas uncovered by other means of connections.

Data SIM can be used for wireless 2G\3G data transfer and guarantees a 24 hour connection in any location covered by Syriatel’s network, by using suitable modem device.

It can be used for ATM machines, client/server applications or any other applications that need data to be transferred between the central location and branches through a secure network.


Service Features:
  • “Always on” connection
  • Saves Costs
  • Secure network (VPN connection)
  • The company can add its own APN to data SIM, which provide a secure connection between all the data SIM with the same APN.

  • SIM card: Free
  • Monthly subscription selected by:
1 GB100 SYPThe companies that offer Track-Trace servicesMonthly  
100 MB150 SYPOnly to public sector
500 MB750 SYPAll
1 GB1,500 SYP
4 GB2,500 SYP
10 GB3,500 SYP
20 GB4,500 SYP


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