Closed User Group (CUG) for Ya Hala Cards


Closed User Group for Ya Hala cards is a special service for corporate segment. Through it corporate members can communicate with their colleges effectively by benefiting from unlimited calls while using their Ya Hala prepaid cards.

  • Benefitting customers can make local and international calls for numbers outside the group, can send SMSs or use the internet but their cost will be deducted from their main balance which means the corporate is not responsible for these additional costs.
  • The service is reactivated automatically in case customers have enough balance; otherwise customers should recharge their cards with the requested denomination then dial the service short code to re-enter the group.

Private sector customers should dial the code 9012 while public sector customers should dial the code 9011 as clarified in the below table:

CommandSMS Content
 activation Act
 Deactivation deact
 Help Help

Service Activation:

The service can be activated on new Ya Hala cards or existing ones depending on a letter from the corporate to Syriatel account manager.

The letter should contain the numbers requested to add the service to or a request to get new Ya Hala prepaid cards benefiting from the service in addition to a statement from the corporate defining its responsibility for the numbers.

  • For private sector companies: 650 SYP per month for each Ya Hala card.
  • For public sector companies: 600 SYP per month for each Ya Hala card.

Activation SMS cost is clarified as below:

Ya Hala Card Type90119012
Ya Hala Shabab3 SYP3 SYP
Ya Hala Classic6 SYP6 SYP
Ya Hala Thawani6 SYP6 SYP
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