Closed User Group (CUG)


 Controlling the costs of communication between your employees is now simple with Syriatel’s CUG service. You can control and specify the numbers that they are able to call to and receive calls from, and also assign a short number to each member within the organization for faster communication between each other.

Members can check their remaining limit by dialing the free short code 9000

Service Features:
  • The availability of a group administrator
  • Set permissions for outgoing calls, incoming calls, GPRS, and short codes
  • Set balance limit for the group/member
  • Prevent members of making calls when set limit is used up
  • Receive reports for group/member call costs

Service Benefits:
  • Cost control
  • Easy budgeting for companies
  • Can prevent the use of the company’s phones for non-business calls



 Postpaid lines tariffPrepaid cards tariff
Private sector Companies1,250 SYP1,250 SYP
Public sector Companies665 SYP600 SYP

Noting that the service price for postpaid lines includes the cost of monthly subscription and Clip Service "450 SYP"


CUG Prices
Calls outside the groupSame as normal calls tariff
Calls within the group9.5 SYP
Calls between sister companies (available upon request)9.5 SYP
SMSs inside the group2 SYP
SMSs outside the group4 SY


Our new CUG OFFER allows employees to communicate with each other unlimitedly for a monthly fee of only SYP 1250/line while remaining in control.
To subscribe to this service or have it activated/deactivated please contact the “Corporate Support Team” through 111, or for any inquiries write us to and our team will get back to you.

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