With love we meet…in a mass wedding for homeland champions

Through its program to support the families of Syrian Arab army martyrs, Syriatel holds a mass wedding party for 100 brides and bridegrooms belonging to the families of Syrian army martyrs on 06/08/2015 at “View” restaurant in Lattakia."Alaelhelweh Wa Almerra", is the name that brides and grooms have chosen for this national celebration which will gather Syrian young ladies and gentlemen to celebrate love stories whose heroes are soldiers from the Syrian Arab army.

By holding this mass wedding for the heroes of the Syrian Arab army, Syriatel asserts on its national unlimited support towards the martyrs families as they are consignments in accordance with the efforts of the Syrian government to support martyrs’ families. 

"Alaelhelweh Wa Almerra" will be a celebration in which: love defeats hatred

Hope rises over pain…

Happiness eliminates sadness