"Martyrs' Families are Our Responsibility"

Through Martyrs' Families are Our Responsibility program which was launched in2017/4/17 , Martyr Trust Foundation and Syriatel pay homage to martyrs and martyrdom.
The program included 8 initiatives from all ages, where the total number reached about 9,000 from (young men and women – students - families), and with all pride we were able to achieve the goal  and complete the program successfully:

  • Employment opportunities for 510 young people within Employment and Internship Initiative -   The number  has been completed
  • A beginning of a career for 2,081ladies within Women’s Support Initiative - The number  has been completed
  • Allocate shares in Syriatel to 1000 children to promote their investment and saving culture within Stock Initiative - The number has been completed and we continue with joined children and young people until they reach the legal age.
  • Training for1,010  young people and developing their skills within Training and Professional Development Initiative -  The number  has been completed
  • Monthly Stipend Initiative for 1,746 students- The number has been completed and we continue with joined student during their period of study.
  • “Together in weal and woe” a celebration of 2,614 brides and grooms within Mass Wedding Initiative.
  • Ward & Ghar Initiative: products made by the hands of martyrs' families and the project continues with more than 50 families and 21 employees.
  • 40 of the families of media martyrs have joined one of the above mentioned initiatives, within Martyrs of the Media Initiative- The number has been completed.

Syriatel.. Syrian and proud.