Reconstruction by Innovation


“Every country has creative people, and we have to look for them to push them towards more creativity.”

The late President Hafez Assad

These are the words the 18th Al-Bassel Fair did embodied when it was held at Damascus International Fairground concurrently with the 59th Damascus International Fair from 20/08/2017 until 24/08/2017. The fair was under the auspices of the Prime Minister, the engineer Imad Khamis, and the Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Ministry, with Syriatel as a strategic partner.

The fair was an opportunity for Syrians to meet and exchange ideas and experiences of innovation, as more than 650 inventors from Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and the Islamic Republic of Iran were involved in it and had presented inventions related to reconstruction and alternative energy, in addition to innovative industrial, commercial, developmental, and service projects. The presented inventions have received great attention from the governmental entities, and the Directorate of Industrial and Commercial Property Protection, in the Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Ministry, will register patents during September for all participants for free and will promote these inventions for the public and private sectors’ companies and establishments.

The 18th Al-Bassel Fair was concluded in Al-Assad National Library on 24/08/2017, where the top three winners had received financial awards in addition to other awards presented to the rest of the winners by the Ministry, Syriatel and other parties.

Syrian innovation in the fair has highlighted the importance of the combination of the brilliant creative minds along with the will to live.

Syriatel’s strategic partnership has come from its commitment to the national duty of supporting Syrian competences and talents because they are the true foundation of a bright future that will make Syria’s name shine in the sky as it has always been.

The fair paved the way for the rising generations to develop and reconstruct Syria by their experiences, innovations, and the culture of construction and love.

Syriatel.. Syrian and Proud

Event Date:20-08-2017 to 24-08-2017Visits:3847