New Technology in Syriatel Pavilion – the 59th Damascus International Fair

Since Syriatel has taken it upon itself to stay close to customers and provide them with the best services; it always seeks to keep pace with the latest technology, and thus Syriatel participates in the 59th Damascus International Fair. The fair is being held at Damascus International Fairground under the auspices of President Bashar Al-Assad from 17/08/2017 until 26/08/2017 starting from 05:00 pm, where more than 43 countries are participating in it.
Syriatel is launching its new advanced services in the fair, such as: Super SURF “4G”, I Show, Joker Line, Lottery on Your Mobile Phone, and ShababLink.

  1. Super SURF (4G): A new service that enables Syriatel customers to enjoy the internet with a speed up to 150 MB/s.
  2. I Show (Digital TV): It is the entertaining videos service that enables Syriatel customers to enjoy watching the latest international and Arabic films of high quality and with various languages, at any time and from any where.
  3. Joker Line: Enables postpaid lines customers to benefit from the features of Ya Hala prepaid card on their lines.
  4. Lottery on Your Mobile Phone: A new service by which the customer can send his lucky number that consists of 5 digits to 1440 for free, and the lottery ticket price is 100 SYP.
  5. ShababLink: Provides special services and offers for university students, in addition to an electronic library, schedules of exams and attendance, a free chatting, and the ability to control all ShababLink services such as the low cost calls, SURF Over 2G, free RBT, and two free services the student can choose from the info services.

Supported by Syriatel, Martyr Trust Foundation is participating in Damascus International Fair for the first time with its “Ward & Ghar” products of (jam, juice, pickles, pomegranate molasses, corchorus olitorius, makdous, oil, dried food products, and olive) that are made by the hands of martyrs’ families of the Syrian Arab Army and Armed Forces.
In addition to the pavilion of the 18th Al-Bassel Fair that is held at Damascus International Fairground under the slogan “Emar Bi Ebdaa” in a strategic partnership with Syriatel, from 20/08/2017 until 24/08/2017.

Syriatel team’s activities in the fair include competitions and games that will be held within Syriatel pavilion, and prizes will be given to the visitors.

Syriatel’s participation in the 59th Damascus International Fair is a strong proof for the whole world that Syria is keeping up with the newest technology against all odds and challenges.

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